Pokemon game has captured – not only the Hearts of Children, but of Adults too. That’s why it’s one of the top beloved costumes that Kids want to have. The outfits associated with the Pokemon characters are comfortable, unusual and colorful, making them a parent favorite.

One of the Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

pokemon-kids-children-costume-revews-halloween-eshop-estore-1You can find a kid’s Pikachu Pokemon Costume in a variety of different sizes so that young and older children alike can dress like this character and enjoy it. This bright yellow costume is a bodysuit with an attached tail just like the character has.

The outfit comes with the headpiece too that shows the character’s face. It’s a very cute costume that’s made of thin and often stretching material so your child can easily wear clothes underneath it if he / she needs to do that for the cold weather.

If your child wants to dress as Pikachu, but isn’t interested in wearing a complete bodysuit, you can buy a single hoodie that has the headpiece attached as a hood along with the tail.

Or if you choose the character Charizard, you can find that costume instead. This costume comes in all sizes, and fits a wide range of children ages. It’s an orange overall that has a yellow center in the middle of the costume.

It’s a long suit without footies so your kid will need to wear shoes. There is an accompanying hat that features the character’s face and the wings. The back of the overall has a tail with the faux fur on the end. There is plenty of room to wear clothes under the suit.

pokemon-boys-charizard-costume-back-kid-costume-revews-halloween-eshop-estore-1If your little girl prefers the dress version of the suit, that is an option. This costume has an orange top and the bottom is printed orange tulle. The hood is attached and the costume top is long sleeved with thumbholes.

The back of the outfit has the attached wings and tail and the wings are created in a way so that they don’t flop over. The dress is made of polyester. Or, your little girl might prefer wearing the Eevee costume.

Eevee’s suit is a long, brown sleeved dress with a netting overlay on the skirt part. The back of the dress has the attached tail and the color has a faux fur and the face hood too.

The Pokemon Squirtle outfit is available also. This one features the soft blue like the character in the game and has the yellow front shell. The back of the costume has the brown shell part. There is a cap with the character eyes on it that is not including to the costume parts.

Top Pokemon Adults’ Costumes for the Halloween Boo-Night

pokemon-pikachu-adult-costume-revews-halloween-eshop-estoreAdults can join the craze for the Pokemon Go game too by dressing up in one of the many eye-catching and colorful Pokemon costumes this Halloween. You can shop online to find the most complete and varied collection of adult outfits available for the Pokemon theme.

The adorable Pikachu costume for adults is one of the most popular and it’s easy to understand why. The women’s version of Pikachu is a bright yellow color, accented with lightning bolts and complete a short-sleeved dress with an attached tail.

The women’s package for Pikachu often comes with an adorable headpiece too that sports Pikachu’s face and ears. The length of the tutu-style skirt is almost mid-thigh and there are even shoe covers in matching bright yellow to complete the look.

Guys, look no further for your Halloween Pokemon character than the Team Rocket James suit. This super-villain Pokemon character comes alive when you ware the costume of James from Team Rocket and you may feel like wreaking havoc on the world.

pokemon-pikachu-adult-costume-women-girl-revews-halloween-eshop-estoreThe Team Rocket James costume is made with elastic-waist pants and a shirt that fastens at the back with Velcro for easy fit. Foam made Boot tops with elastic foot bands and Black gloves, extending to the elbow, complete the costume.

Girls & women – don’t feel left out. You can join the Team Rocket fun by choosing the Adult Jessie from Team Rocket costume. Light blue top and steal Halloween night in this mini-skirt and also boot tops that will make you the envy of all the other lady Pokemon fans who venture out that horror-night.

Enjoy a Pokemon costume you can wear later for pajamas also by choosing the Pokemon Charmander Kigurumi Unisex Adult Animal Onesie Costume Pajamas. It will keep you warm and confortable while trick-or-treating and cozy while just lounging at home.

The unisex Charmander costume is coral with a beige colored belly, fire-forked tail and hoodie. You’ll even get the claw-like footies to complete the look. Charmander is known as the Fire Damage Pokemon and he’s had enough battle experience to cause some real havoc.

Choose your Pokemon costume before popular sizes run out.

You’ll find a wide selection of your favorite Pokemon suits for adults online and within your budget. Some sites even offer free shipping, so you can order costumes for the entire family with no extra fees.

Pokemon is sure to be the must-have costume for the season, especially with Pokemon Go being all the rage right now – so have fun with the trend by dressing up like your beloved Pokemon character.

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