The Best 3 Ways To Create Your Own Haunted Halloween Attraction and more

by Elen Stone
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Halloween scary night is coming soon and if you want to have fan you can prepare your own Haunted Halloween Attraction.


You must have witnessed people coming up with all sorts interesting Halloween haunts in their backyard. Some of the homemade attractions that become highlights of the festive occasion are haunted houses, walk-through, and other attractions of the trick-or-treating night. Making your own haunted Halloween attraction can be really complicated and expensive, but here are some tips to simplify the making of your own haunted Halloween attraction. But, before getting on with this you need to collect a group of friends and family members who would want to help you in this task.

First you need to design an impressive floor plan of Halloween attraction. Create some interesting costume ideas and buy fabrics and props to make them. You can easily buy this stuff from the flea markets. You can ask your friends and neighbors to contribute. After this is done, you may need to build a stage and create a set consisting of doors, haystacks, scarecrow poles, and gates.

To create your own Halloween attraction you may require some important items and props such as cd-player, extra speakers, spooky sound effects CDs, spot lights or flickering lights, wooden coffins, standing lanterns, candle-holders and candles, spider webs and plastic spiders, life size skeleton costumes, wigs, hats, tomb stones, fake blood shovels, and make-up to name a few.

There are many ideas that you can think of to make your Halloween really special. Some of the interesting ideas for creating your own haunted Halloween attraction are:

Build a haunted house at the garage / basement / shed at your house


Making a haunted house is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween, or to spook your guests because you’ve been possessed by a scary spirit.

Transforming your home into a “blood-curdling haunted house” takes some planning, creativity and hard work. If you want to know how to create the best haunted house, just follow these very easy steps.

  1. Concoct a Haunted Plan

First of all plan your haunted path: What do you want to see your guests? Will you commit to decorating the outside of the house, or will you focus on the inside? Will you decorate all the rooms in the house, or just a few key rooms and the hallway that the guests will pass through?

The haunted house can be big or small. You can decorated every room or focus on one room, or even a garage. Think also if this house will make people laugh, or it will freak people out? Will your guests have their kids with them or your guest are only adults?

Enlist the help of your spooky friends: It will be nearly impossible to pull off   making a haunted house on your own. Not only will your friends be able to decorate, but they will also be able to guide and spook your guests throughout the haunted house dressed as Ghost, Goblins or Zombies and grab your Guest at random times or making noises


Come up with a theme: Choose a Theme to determine how you decorate your haunted house. If you really want your haunted house to be authentic, come up with a story for why the house is haunted. Is it haunted by an old lady whose husband disappeared into thin air? Is it haunted by a family that was brutally murdered in the basement? You can tell your guests the haunted story as they enter the haunted house

  1. Create an Eerie Atmosphere

Create an eerie effect through lighting in dark rooms or replacing the lamps with green bulbs. Put spotlights under a spiderweb or fake a creepy insect to create a scary shadow.

Use special effects like fog machines, mirrors, black lights and smoke to confuse the visitors.

Create scary noises to spook the visitors. You can use few coins in an empty soda can, tie it in to a string and shake it from time to time. Have a recording of different spooky sounds in every room like screams, chains etc. Your volunteers can scamper here and there creating spooky sounds. Pick also some key moments to keep the house silent preparing it for the nexts scary sounds.

  1. Surprise and Spook Your Guest
  • Scare your guests with your volunteers.
  • Have spooky activities for the guests
  • Scare your guests by tricking them.
  1. Other Haunted House ideas

Here is a video I found for you to see an idea how to create a haunted house:


Create walk-through a pumpkin patch / haunted cemetery / scarecrow show

terrifying-halloween-haunts-atractions-haunted-hayride-spookywoods-1You can create outside you home a great spooky decoration for your guests creating a pumpkin patch. Put here photos I gave you about it

Another super very scary and popular idea is to create a haunted graveyard in front of your house with some foggy effects using a fog machine. Photos

The terrifying scarecrow shows are also very beloved. Create somewhere in your yard few spooky crows for your guests and passengers and you will have a lot of fun specially at the Halloween Horror Nights. Photos

Develop interesting and haunted hay-ride at your backyard or woods

You can organize with your family, friends or relatives a haunted hay-ride at the woods, your backyard or even a farm nearby. It’s a very favorited Haunted Halloween Attraction and brings a lot of fun. Photos and video

If you wish to create a Halloween attraction in large scale, then you may contact some businesses to sponsor the event, in exchange of free advertising of their firm.

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